Product bundle not allowed while making stock entry

Hello everyone,

We have a usecase where in we have to issue product samples to ‘Leads’ (They are not customer yet). The sample are received free from the supplier and they come in a bundle. e.g. One sample kit will have 5 flavor bottles.

Our sales team needs to provide samples to the leads. It may be provided as a complete kit containing 5 flavor bottles, or only single flavor bottle.

I was thinking of using ‘Product bundle’ feature for configuring the sample kit.

For tracking the stock of samples, we need to make ‘Stock entries’. However currently stock entry does not support adding a product bundle. Each item has to be added independently.

Product bundle is supported in the ‘Sales order’. However we cannot create sales order since the contact is in Lead stage. It is not yet customer.

Can you please advice, if there is any way to track samples stock against a “Lead”? I was thinking adding a custom field in ‘Stock Entry’ document to refer to the lead. This way we can get all stock which was issued to a lead and also track the iventory. The limitation is ‘Product bundles’ are not supported in stock entry.

Any inputs on adding product bundle support is welcome. We can submit a patch if this looks like a correct solution.