Product Bundle Returns

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently discover Product bundle. I’m quite impressed. I have a question about returns.
let’s run a scenario first:

fruit re-seller sell a basket of fresh fruits and fruits preserves as bundle.

item A B and C are fresh fruits and can not be returned.
Item D E and F are fruit preserves and can be returned within 30 days and restock for further transactions.

as I understand product bundle take off child item off the stock in the background when delivery note is submitted.
If for any reason customer decide to return the bundle, is there a function to pick item that can be returned( Item D E and F accepted as a return and item A B and C rejected) put back in stock and charge customer only for non returnable item ( do a partial credit note(a proportion of child item value))?


Its easy to add a custom field to understand what can be returned and in how many days. But if you want system level controls, you need serious customization.

Your best bet is to find a resource that can help you customize it for you. Check out ERPNext: Free and Open Source Cloud ERP Software or Service Providers.

Hope this helps.



There is a field “To Warehouse” in Delivery Note Item and Packed Item table. If you know which item will be returned, you can use this field. So, here “To Warehouse” will be your customer’s warehouse. On submission of delivery note, system will transfer those items from “from warehouse” to “to warehouse”. Later you can make a “Return DN” or “Stock Entry” to get back those items.

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