Product bundle stock

Hi I’m wondering why we are not able to create product bundle in stock?
Application case: sell same product under multiple brands. So I pack product into box of brand a or brand b to make to different products.
Now sometimes I pre-pack certain amount of boxes in either brand. so I will be unable to save this on the erp.
Secondly if I create a Manufacturing BOM then I’ll have to get material request etc which is very tedious. Also, I will be unable to find protected inventory, until I create the material requests.

First you have to create ‘parent item’ which is non-stock item. On product bundle, pick this item as parent then you can add ‘sub-items’ for this bundle product…

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Yes, that’s right but then I am not able to keep stock of the parent item. Since if we select “is stock item” in parent item, then we can not use it as product bundle.

Make it as separate stock item. So you have both bundle-item and child-item as stock items…

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But that would mean that, I manufacture bundle-item every time from child-item. which is not very suitable for an operation like packing

You can use manufacture BOM or stock.repack entry