Product Bundle sub-items stock level issue

I’ve been digging into Stock Ledger and other reports. I found this issue.
After making Purchase Receipt from Purchase Order that contains Product Bundle no bin changes happen.

Product Bundle is a non inventory item. You will buy the sub items and will sell it as a product bundle so that sub items will be deducted from stock. But you have to create purchase receipt for the sub items. You have to buy the inventory item to see it in stock.

Sure. But I can add Product Bundle in PO. Is it a bug?

Hey! I can add Product Bundle in Purchase Order. Is it a bug?

Product bundle is considered as a non inventory item in ERPNext. We can add the non inventory items also in the PO. That is not a bug. Are you purchasing the “product bundle item” from supplier? Please create a new inventory item for the same.

I purchase product bundle from supplier i. e. I can by items in bundle separately but customer ordered bundle. The problem is that when I order it Bin for child items doesn’t change.
In case of items not belonging to product bundle everything works: purchase — marked as ordered, received — now it is in Actual Qty.

I’m sorry to tag you, but can you please answer?

Product bundle will work only for the sales. When you add the product bundle in purchase , it will work as an non inventory item and it won’t effect the stock ledger. If you want to buy the “product bundle item” create an inventory item and you can purchase the same. When you sell it, the same item will be deducted from stock. It won’t deduct the sub items. Hope this is clear.

Got it. Already find a way to deal with it: mapping PO not only with Items table but also Packed Items.