Product bundle using item variants

Is there any way I can have product variants instead of item variants? As an example; let’s say my main use is as follows:
I have fruits (items)

  • Green Apples
  • Red Apples
  • Yellow Bananas
  • Green Bananas,
  • Red Grapes
  • Green Grapes
  • Oranges
    (In my system I have 31 items)

My product bundles in simplified form is as follows:
Apple Banana Single Bundle

  • 1xRed Apples, 1xYellow Bananas
    Apple Banana Pair Bundle
  • 2xRed Apples, 2xYellow Bananas
    Apple Banana Triple Bundle
  • 3xRed Apples, 3xYellow Bananas

Currently I’m creating 1 product bundle for each variation. The problem comes when customer wants to customise and say they want 1 Green and Red apples, as well as Bananas in the Pair bundles.

Can I create an product variant such that my team can easily select the Variants from a defined bundle:
Example: Apple Banana Bundles

  • 2 x Red Apple, 2 x Yellow Banana
  • 1x Red, 1xGreen, 2 x Yellow Banana,

Why not select each variant as an item directly? May be you can use POS view for faster selection and creation of Sales Invoices. Also, this approach will be completely open. You can use Product Bundles as well as add additional items on-the-fly.

The fruits listed isn’t my real products lol. We sell by a bundle all the time. Adding additional items confuses some customers, and we would rather list only 1 price (eg $100) rather than adding onto the bundle ($80 +20) which might prompt some customers to drop the add on and go for a lower package.

Also it is for our colleagues to reduce the chance of selecting the wrong bundle during quotation or invoicing