Product Bundle with rate calculated as the sum of its Child Items

I created 2 items both with quantity of 1, i.e., CY1 with rate $95 & CY5 with rate $300
I then create a Product Bundel CY1 + CY5 and did not set its rate, I want the rate to be automatically calculated as $395 so when the rate of child changes the bundle price can be updated automatically.

Unfortunately, when I created a Delivery Note with the CY1 + CY5 bundel the rate is showing as 0 instead of the sum of its child.

Is this sum calculation of Product Bundel possible?

Anyone knows if dynamic sum calculation of Product Bundel possible? We have lots of different Bundels to make and most are just the sum of the items without discount, please let me knwo if you got any suggestions. Thank you.

I would be also very interested in this topic.
I have read about using boms from the manufacturing module but did not figure out how to use them in an sales order.

Calculate Product Bundle Price based on Child Items’ Rates

Also, update to the latest v14 update, as it fixes a bug that was there before: fix: Bundle item rates by deepeshgarg007 · Pull Request #33192 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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Many thanks, that works!
But you need to save the sales order in order to see the price been calculate.

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