Product image not displayed on website index page

Product image not displayed on website index page.

Item page is as below.

Have checked the ‘show in website’ checkbox.

Any help appreciated.

Check the Item URL begins with


In website setup the top bar
Should show the same

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply.
The URL is as you said. The image is displayed once I click the item on the index page but not on the index page itself (as shown in the image above).

Second step:

Setup > Web page > Portal > Homepage, First page > Products

All Item URL as before : all-item-groups/products

Under Item show up on the website:

You should include a new row and chose your Item.

These items will be showed on the firs page.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply. Tried your solution but still no luck :frowning:

@Viral_Mestry Make sure you have done this

Hi sethu,

Thanks for the reply. I already have the Home Page set to “home”. Trying to update the value to “index” but it is giving the below error.

hello @Viral_Mestry
please open your browser console ctrl+shift+i and open console tab
then go to the main page where images not appear and check if any error.

Go the the website home page & add the Item Code there. After that you should see it. The first item gets added by default but remaining one’s need to be added manually as per current code.

Also, try to clear cache in case you have further problem with images or reload.

Tried everything. No error on console.

@Viral_Mestry i meant Console tab not Elements tab :wink:

@PyJumper Sorry for the wrong image.

same problem here, any solution?

May be the files are not own by the user.
Try to change the user rights of the picture files( read write permissions)

Hope this helps.

You can try this, I had the same issue and it was solved by doing that.

Please delete all item list from the page you see in the screen short shown by Mr. Pawan. And choose will show the item in home page.