Product Processing at Warehouse

Hello ERPNext Team,
Pls suggest the appropriate functionality to use for the below use-case.

Our FarmerCoop(Company) buys Raw Paddy from Farmer(Supplier). The FarmerCoop has a processing-Warehouse where raw paddy is processed into Rice. There will be a x% of wastage for removal of husk.
I need to track the below.

  1. Stock movement of 100kg paddy bought from Supplier.
  2. Stock moved to Processing-Warehouse. Transportation charge of 2000/-
  3. HuskRemoval processing done at warehouse with 5000/- cost.
  4. 95kg rice (5kg wastage) extracted and sent to the Main-Warehouse with Transportation charges of 3000/-

I need to track the stock movement, transportation charges, processing fee, wastage. It would be nice if i could link the 95Kg rice to the 100Kg Paddy for tracking purpose.

I read through ERPNext topics, and found StockEntry, Production order with BOM, SubContracting very close to what i need. But not able to narrow down on the choice. Please suggest the right way.


Purchase Receipt

Stock Entry

Repacking (paddy → rice) via Stock Entry

Another stock entry

Thanks @rmehta for the clarification.

For step 2 above, I used a StockEntry (material transfer for Manuf) and added some “Additional Costs” of 2000 as Transportation.

  1. But the additional transport cost of 2000 came out of “Expenses Included In Valuation”. Actually i want this amount come out of the Freight Account Head. Is there a way to change the account head in additional costs ?

  2. I tried adding a Journal Entry for payment of this 2000, and wanted to reference the 2000/- transportation charge. But i did not see a “StockEntry” type in the reference field. Was this done on purpose.

  3. For the 3rd step (Repacking Stock entry for RawPaddy->Rice) i also wanted to add the wastage in the same StockEntry, so that its easy to track the raw material, wastage, and finished good in one doc. I am doing it as below. Is it a suggested way.
    Scrap and Wastage management resulting from production - #3 by santosh_baburao