Product wise raw material tracking


I,m manufacturing 2 items example: Item x and item Y which are books at the same time .

I have purchased same raw materials with different price and from same supplier for both this books which is ex: book binding (1 for item x with bdt 2000 and another for item y with bdt 3000) . Now when both of them are in stock how can I track which material I have purchased for item x and which one for item y ?



For now, this feature is not available in ERPNext. Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion.

As per work around, you can insert custom field of Production Order in all purchase transaction. You will have to update value in this field in the Material Request manually. Same should be auto-fetched in the other purchase transactions, provided field name for the Production Order custom field is same in all the forms.

Hey @umair thank you very much for your temporary solution . Can you explain it a little detail ? That will be a great help



Steps here:

  1. Insert Production Order id field in the Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt.
  2. If you purchase items for multiple production order, then insert Production Order if field in the item table of Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt.
  3. For each purchase, update Production Order for which you are purchasing this item.

This will allow you to create report on Purchase Receipt, and check how much purchase has been made for specific Production Order.