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hello i have tried to deploy erpnext to this ip and i have followed this guide GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps and i have previously asked this question here Setup erpnext on ubuntu and i still haven’t figured it out. I am installing the erpnext on a digital ocean droplet

Hello Soren,

Steps which you following as Setup erpnext on ubuntu is absolutely ok.
But after
cd ~
bench init frappe-bench
cd frappe-bench

Pls update bench and patch mariadb by following command:

bench update --bench
# As root run,
bench patch mariadb-config

Rest steps are same.

(Suggested patch command is taken from Pratik thread. Therefore credit goes to pratik :slight_smile: )

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Hello! thank you for you answer! i have followed the steps you provided with my own and now i get a 502 bad gateway error when i try and access the site? :slight_smile:

i have pasted all steps taken and every message from my ubuntu 12.04 i am trying to install on. I hope this helps, i have been trying to install erpnext a long time now with no luck

Hello Soren,

Pls reread and update supervisor with following command in same sequence:

sudo supervisorctl reread
sudo supervisorctl update

I hope this will resolve the issue. If not then restart nginx by

sudo service nginx restart

Don’t worry, we all are with you to get ur ERPNext up & running. :smile:

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thank you very much that did the trick! but now i am prompted with a login screen? i thought there would be a first time setup? where do i go from here? you can see the login screen at

thank you!

Thank you Soren. Yes, I can see a beautiful login screen of your ERPNext.
Now, give your userid/pass

User id: Administrator
Pass: (whatever you would have selected while setup)

Then select your required language, company name etc…and you are done.

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yep it is all working as it should it seems! thank you very much!

Most welcome Soren.
I’m sure you will love “your” beautiful ERPNext once you start using it.

If yes, pls do help community. You can contribute in many ways. Pls visit Not Found

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yes definetely! i will very much like to help i actually need to use erpnext in danish how do i do about adding a new language to the localization? :slight_smile:

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Just stumpled on this.

How is your danish translation progressing?