Production deployment on windows

Hi everybody
I successfully installed erpnext on windows 8.1
have set up the masters including item master, bom, coa, and all other masters
its time for me to deploy it for production

Can somebody please guide me or point me as how to access erpnext from another pc with windows
users and roles are also defined

any help will be greatly appeciated

Hi, what do you mean with “installed”? Guess you have set-up a hosted version using your browser (IE).
You can access Erpnext with any PC that has internet and a internet browser.

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Thank You Becht_Robert for your kind reply
Could you please help me in giving a step by step process
I have erpnext running on a windows 10 pc
how do I make this a multi user type
erpnext shall run on one pc only and all other users shall access it from this pc
Thanks in advance

If you are a developer, you can use Vagrant:

Thank You sir
Regards Hemanth