Production order from sales order

hi dears

make functions in sales order not contains make Production order even if the listed item already has a BOM

do u have any idea about that ??

@Mahmoud_Ghoneem: there is a little trick to fit your purpose. You will have to use Production Planning Tool (the part of Manufacturing module) to accomplish it.

You may want to review - YouTube to jump start on Production Planning Tool.

ok but what about if i need to convert the sales order into production order ??

not using production planning tool

@Mahmoud_Ghoneem: the only conventional way to ‘convert’ a sales order into Production Order DocType is to use Production Planning Tool. It provides capability to build production order based on Sales order placed in your system out of the box.

If you need some specific logic to support during such a conversion, you may want to complete/order some custom app development effort for it.