Production order in V5 is chaged from V4

in old version
we open production order and click transfer raw material to wip
in stock entry the reason selected is Material transfer

and then we transfer wip to finished goods by clicking Update Finished goods and material is transferred from WIP>Finished goods

but in V5 its a bit confusing… im using demo account and there is only one option
material transfer for manufacture … (for PO-00028)
its only showing my operations, when i pres “material transfer for manufacture” there is is first stock entry is generated
till here its same …
what about next ? how to update finished goods?
what i have to do next?

if possible please mention the changes in v5 from v4

In Frappe v5 -
To update finished goods, Create Stock entry with selecting purpose as ‘Manufacturer’ and respective production order.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

please see in demo account

there is a production order created PO-000028
Status = in process
first i clicked on “Transfer Material for Manufacture”, it asked me to select quantity and Stock entry is created “STE-00052-1”
Purpose Material Transfer for Manufacture

Till then its same as in version 4

now what am i supposed to do next to update finished goods ?

Mr .Geetanjali … yes i can create a manual stock entry but why do i have to create it manually?
it was done by a simple click of button in the production order in Version 4.


Yeah I noticed the strange behaviour on the demo. When I cancel and amend, it does updates the “material transferred for manufacturing” property.

Can mention the steps to replicate it?

Also, please be kind to people answering on the forum.

I think this issue has been fixed.