Production Order Scenarios


I would like to know more in depth about the concept of production order and possible workaround of scenarios.

  1. How will “Stop” a production order affect any calculations of production cost? Will it be affecting the timesheet? If so, how? Does Production Order track real time? Means if I click finish after 5 hours of start production, the system will automatically take that 5 hours into the timesheet?

  2. Once I Stop and make a PO Unstoppable again, I cannot Submit timesheet with Message: Status cannot be “Unstopped”. It should be one of “”, “Draft”, “Submitted”, “Not Started”, “Stopped”, “In Process”, “Completed”, “Cancelled” - What is the rationale here?

  3. How do I handle this scenario. Let’s say I have 1000 items (BOM) to be manufactured.
    In the middle of production, I have to stop production. 500 items has been manufactured.

So I have to:

Click on Finish as I need to let ERPNext know that a certain quantity has been manufactured.
Thus, Qty Manufactured is 500. I have to click on Finish as Stop does not recognized that some items have been manufactured.

The downside to this is.

  • I have to Submit Timesheet, else I am unable to proceed to tell system that 500 has been manufactured
  • When I click on Start again, the system request another Material Transfer entry. Shouldn’t it use the Materials that has been transferred to WIP at the beginning of Production Order instead of asking user to transfer again?
  • I am unable to make another Timesheet, as system deem the Production Order completed.

Is there a workaround for this scenario?


  1. Timesheet hours are defaulted based on the operation time set for the workstation operation.You can change the timesheet before submission to adjust hours if necessary.

  2. Once you have already created a timesheet, the same timesheet can be adjusted from the timesheet module.

  3. If you have stopped production, you can use stock entry to make the necessary adjustments if needed.

Hi @Pawan ,

Thanks for answering my queries. Appreciate that.

Point 1- I understand. So what is the function of Stop in Production Order? In what case scenario?

Point 2 - I am stuck in a PO when I Stop and Unstop a PO
PO is now in Unstopped status. When I want to submit, error is as shown

Row #1: Operation Capsule Production is not completed for 500.0 qty of finished goods in Production Order

However, when I go and submit timesheet, the following msg appear.

Status cannot be “Unstopped”. It should be one of “”, “Draft”, “Submitted”, “Not Started”, “Stopped”, “In Process”, “Completed”, “Cancelled”

Point 3 - Is it possible that when you re-Start a Production Order, system will check if material is sufficient in WIP Warehouse? Can I raise an issue for this? Because in real situation, raw materials is usually left in WIP for continuation of production. It is a hassle to move back and forth the warehouses.

Also, a new Timesheet should be created when a PO is re-Start which I think is better so every period of production there is a timesheet attached to it.

Warm Regards

  1. Check the link, it should answer some of your questions

  2. Will further investigate this.

  3. When you restart a production order, if material is already transferred prior to stoppage the only steps that are left are manufacture etc, I think you can create stock entry for these and system would stop you to manufacture more based on your BOM and available raw material. I am unsure what action you want the system to take after checking material is sufficient