Production Order Source/Target warehouses - custom STE

I have checked the manual about “Default Material Request Type” but that has different options to those in the screens. The available types are Purchase,Issue,Transfer,Manufacture. I am looking for some clarity on which is which (the version in the manual is good, but I don’t know which ones went where in the updated version).

I also looked at this link about warehouses in P/O’s which I think is similar to my situation.

I have a series of subBOM’s which mimic our real processes. All raw materials are issued from mainStore to various subWH’s/processPlants. They process and return goods to mainStore.
The P/O- is triggered when reorder level is reached on top level BOM.
I set up a P/O- to incl. MultiLevel BOM. The material issues ask for source/targets W/H’s for all the subBOM’s at once.
If the BOM’s are set up in such a way that they have a default warehouse how can I either group the material issues to match/follow those instead of having to cross-check each one?
Can I customise the STE- to show/include the BOM name for the items? and if so, how do I do that?


As far as i know, the STE in issue, repack, manufacture, transfer allow you to select BOM that you want to transfer and provide you with the list of item that you will transfer using that process.

The STE can also make material request if you need.
There are also some member in this forum @hiousi who made his manufacturing process based on stock entry, thus he created a custom module and custom javascript based on that, you might like to check it out…

Hope this help

Thanks @tara_antonius.
I will re-check the thread you mention for info.(I read it before but I didn’t have enough understanding of the method then)

I have the part you mentioned above working - I draw the overall materials from the top level BOM, and it populates the standard version of the STE-.
My slight complexity is with the target warehouses. Not all of the sub-BOM’s are processed at the same warehouse, so if I had the parent_BOM in an extra column of the STE- report Table, then it would be easier to see which W/H should be the target for the material transfer.
I have tried to do a “customise form” on the Stock Detail Entry, but I am not doing it right and it shows me either the top-level BOM(same as the one above the tableList), or a bottom-level stock code (same as the line for the item_code), instead of the mid-level(sub-BOM) one I that am hoping for.