Production order time in status (solved)

EDIT: I’m an idiot, this function exists. Sorry.

Hi, we are a custom manufacturing facility and we’d like to automate time tracking of production orders per work station.
So, in essence, it would log time based on the work station and allow to see how much time each product has spent in active production.

We have added a Standby workstation so that production associates can transfer products to this in order to allocate idle time so we can deduct.

Any suggestions? We would also be willing to sponsor.

Hi welcome to ERPNext Brandon

Don’t beat yourself up - we are all learning new stuff with this elephant -

Perhaps add a few lines or a screenshot or pointer to document your ah-hah learning moment, that might help others here, me included


Of course. So, at first glance - it would appear that ERPNext revolves around employees submitting time and/or supervisors supplementing.

This is great for most shops but we are more concerned with individual project time in production. We create custom premium architecture for high end companies for their new headquarters, bank, etc. So we want to be able to see how long the parts of each millwork piece is in a particular area.

Note, we have extremely skilled artisan carpenters that are great with their hands but are very technologically illiterate so having them track it themselves was impractical.

Enter ERPNext.

By allocating costs to your workstations, you can track hours by Operations. When an Operation is set to begin, you just need to “Start” the Operation by using the button on the top righ.

Note, this seems similar to just using a timer but the reason it is so beneficial is because by just pressing this one button, it will update our master view of the statuses of all parts so we know that Part A of Elevation 1 is Being Cut. At the same time, it is tracking the hours and, subsequently, the cost.

So when the operation has finished, you stop the operation and submit. It will now list the actual hours at the bottom of the applicable Job Card.

For us, we use production controllers to update statuses as parts move through production.

I am still trying to understand how to get an overview of all hours combined per project but hope this has helped somebody!