Production Order with 0 valuation rate item

Is it possible to create a Production Order with a 0 valuation rate stock item.
The use case:
Manufacture a book. Paper is supplied by the client.

  1. Create Raw material for client Paper and make Stock Entry with 0 valuation rate for client paper.
  2. Create Product item for the Book. Make a BOM for the book with the paper item received above.
  3. Make a PO for the Book, the paper with 0 valuation rate is included in the PO items.

Currently I get this message when trying to create a PO with items received with 0 value.

There is a set_basic_rate method in which checks for allow_zero_valuation_rate for the stock entry items, but in Production Order Item there is no such field to allow 0 valued items.

May be related to Valuation rate for not purchased items in BOM - #2 by shachiTakalkar

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Seems like an issue. Can you create a github issue for this?

Created issue Allow Production Order to be created with items that have valuation rate as 0 · Issue #13052 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub