Production order with bulk stock transfer


We have a scenario where we issue stock from store location to WIP location in bulk. For this, I have created a Material Transfer/Material Transfer for Manufacture stock entry for the bulk material transfer. At this stage, I haven’t linked the stock entry with any production order. So far so good.

Now, when I create a Manufacture stock entry with the production order selected, it finishes the production as expected. But there are some unexpected results (refer to image). The qty in progress remains. Is this a scenario that can be accommodated for?


PS: The balances in the stock balance report are also being reported correctly

Maybe there is another stock entry (not submitted) that is creating the -4.

Hi Rushabh,

Thanks for your reply. I ran the process again. There isn’t another stock entry.
I think it might be happening since the Material Transfer entry isn’t being tracked against that particular production order whereas the Manufacture entry is.


PS: Also, since this is a workaround, I cannot make the production entry from the production order itself since the production order doesn’t let me skip the ‘Start’ phase and directly ‘Finish’ it, which is what would be required in this scenario. Also, the production order shows the ‘Start’ button if this process is followed even if it is automatically being marked as completed.

The way our existing system deals with this is to have two types of production orders:

  1. Production order with stock transfer (the current ERPNext way with Start and Finish options)
  2. Production order without stock transfer (where only a Finish option would be present)

Obviously, this is not ideal and there may be a much better way to deal with this.

Continuing this discussion since we are about to implement this from April 1:

Once the production order is completed by making a Manufacture stock entry, if I then click on the start button (refer to image), it creates the transfer entry (with a link to the production order). Once that is submitted, the production order is ‘properly’ completed. So I was thinking maybe the production order could just have an option to skip Stage 1 (Start) and directly let a user mark it as done. This could be a part of the manufacturing settings or a check box in the production order itself maybe. Is this doable?

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Once Production Order is completed, no option to create Transfer entry. Perhaps fixed in newer version. please update and check.

The option to create transfer entry only shows up if the production order was created using the workaround I have outlined above. If done normally via the production order screen there is no problem. Since I cannot see it in your screenshot, are you able to see a qty against “Material Transferred for Manufacturing” in the production order? (Notice that it is blank in my screenshot since the transfer entry was not tracked against this particular production order and done ‘in bulk’ instead).