Production Order-Without BOM


Please keep the Production Orders to be created even with out BOM. We also do Job work and we do not need BOM for this typ\e of items.

Also Please Provide Job Orders creation as this is most important for the Manufacturing.

If availaible please let me know.


You can just create Purchase Order for the services of sub-contractor.
Please refer the link to learn more on how Subcontracting works in ERPNext

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the QR.

This is fine. I am looking on the reverse side of the above transactions. I mean we get the material/item from the customer for some operation process and will be returned back to the customer.In this process BOM is not applicable as this is just a Jobwork/Services process.

We follow the documents as follows.

A) DC From the Customer
B) Technical Specifications
C) Inspection Report
D) Invoice Against the DC.