Production Orders for Multi-Level BOMs

I am trying to use the Production Planning tool but it does not seem to be functioning the way I would have expected.

Here is the process I am trying to accomplish:

  1. Receive Sales Order for a final product (S3004)
  2. Create Production Orders for the final product, plus all of the sub-assemblies that need to be manufactured. (S3009, S3012, S3013, S3014, S3015, S5008, S5010). Also, there are sub-assemblies required to produce S3012, S3012 for example have 4 other subassemblies).
  3. Create Material requests for all of the purchased parts.

Here is the sample BOM I’m working with:

For step #1, using the Selling->Sales Order has been easy to do.
For step #3, using the Production Planning tool, loading the sales order, Getting the items from the Sales Order, and selecting Use Multi-Level BOM creates all the material requests that I need.

The trouble happens with Step #2. Only one production order is created (for S3004). If my production team needs to look at a list of what there is to make, how would they know to make all the subassemblies first?

Thanks for any assistance!

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@Ben_Cornwell_Mott I think multi-level BOM is only if raw material of sub-assemblies is considered or not. Right now it does not make Production Orders for sub-assemblies. That will have to be done separately.


I have the same requirement. Were you able to find a way to do this?


This feature is now built into the system

Thanks for your reply. I think currently the system checks for default BOM for the item in the sales order. However, in an engineer-to-order scenario, there is no default BOM necessarily. Is there a way to link the BOM to the project name instead of having a default BOM?

You can do this but it’s a bit more work. Only export single level BOMs and make sure the Default Material Request row is set to Manufacture. You can then load on all those material requests for manufacture and study each bom to use. Repeat this process for each level.