Production Plan Item Table

we are unable to fetch name of item in item table,we are fetching items from sales order .

Custom field with config item_code.item_name is not fetching any value.

What can be the reason Can anyone help???

@smspl123 what is the fieldname of item kindly share screenshot.

@smspl123 have you mentioned this item_code.item_name in item name field under fetch from field in customize form.

@smspl123 try to select the item code manually whether item name is getting populated are not in the production plan table.

above custom field added by us in the table

try to select the item code manually.

with manual selection it is fetching…

@smspl123 alright then you need to add the item name by overriding the core method when you click the button.

Did not get you…

By rewriting item code Im able to get…Is there any other way to avoid such manual entries…

@smspl123 are you good with code. If not its difficult, while clicking the button a method is triggered in that query item name is not mentioned so you are not getting the item name without manual entries.