Production Plan Stuck "In Process"

Hi Members,

I am experiencing a bug/issue when using the “Production Plan” option when manufacturing.

The problem occurs when the final manufacturing product quantity is higher than what the original production plan was created for. In simple terms, this problem occurs when the amount produced is more than planned for.

When closing the “Work Order” after production and completing the “Stock Entry” with a higher quantity than what was planned for, the “Production plan” is stuck “In process” and cannot be close.

What version are you using?

Seems to be fixed here:

As far as I know I have the latest stable version.

ERPNext: v12.22.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.19.2 (version-12)


It’s been backported to v12 also. Should be part of next release.

Thanks guys, I have manually applied the change until it has been released officially.