Production Planning and Material Delivery Dates

I am trying to figure out how to schedule production orders using the production planning tool but am having difficulties. Here is an example of my problem.

BOM: BOM/A/001
Purchased Items: B1, B2, B3

Let’s say I want to schedule a production order to be completed 10 days from now. It is for BOM/A/001. I use the production planning tool and create the Production Order. I then go to create the material requests. The requested by date on the Material Requests is going to be 10 days from now.

Here are my issues

  1. What if the delivery date on those parts (based on average lead time) is more than 10 days? The system doesn’t warn or capture this.
  2. What if the time to build and assemble the order takes time? If I have operations that need to be scheduled (and other parts being produced around the same time), it could take extra days in order to get the part made once my purchased parts have arrived.

Is this a feature missing from the system, or are there ways to capture/correct these issues, or is my system just not working correctly and these features already implemented?


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Hi Ben

did you find answers to your questions?