Production Planning Tool - How does it work?

Hello all.

I manufacture cosmetics. I buy raw materials and manufacture the finished goods.
My standard batch produces 27 unities (which is my UoM for my product sales), and I have all the BoM registered.

If I want to have 150 unities stocked, that would mean I would have to produce 6 batches (and need the raw materials as described in my specific BoM). (6*27 = 162 with 12 unities as safe stock).

So, I create a Material Request (manufacture) for 150 unities of a certain product (my finished good).

When I go to the Production Planning Tool, I get the items from that specific material request, but when I download “Materials Required”, I’m expecting to have all the raw materials that should be purchased (considering my current stock) for me to able to produced what is needed, but instead, I get a blank XLSX.

When I create a Production Order (straight from the Production Planning Tool), I get a Production Order for 150 “batches”, when in fact I only need 6 batches.

So I’m kind of lost on how the production planning process works within ERPNext and how does it help actually planning if does not give me the raw materials required, nor creates the correct production order.

Any ideas? What may I be doing wrong?

THanks in advance.

Welcome @lowercase00

I am no expert but my idea is to use the PPT

to create an MR to manufacture 150 units

Once produced, repack those 150 units into 27 units that you sell.

So you will use UOM to change from units to batches

Likely there are a few paths and options to get what you want - you will need to search around and experiment a bit.

hope this helps

@clarkej thanks for your input.
I’m not sure I understand you completely though.

The thing is, I don’t sell in different units… I sell units (one soap, one cream, etc).
My production output is measured in units. One batch of soap (1 production), gives me 27 soaps.
When I plan sales (through Material Request for Manufacture), I plan the number of soaps (eg units) that I will need.

I’m confused on why would the production plan give a production order of the number of units if I already told the system through my BoM that my production gives me 27 units…

Would it be reasonable to be considered a bug?
The only scenario for which that would make sense would be when your production outputs 1 unit only (but in that case, it wouldn’t make sense to have the field quantity in BoM - “Quantity of item obtained after manufacturing / repacking from given quantities of raw materials”)

I’m more inclined to see that as a bug… and I guess the fact that Materials Required comes up empty helps that argument.

But again, I might be misinterpreting the logic behind it.

Well I am learning UOM, PPT and ERPNExt implementation - and am in no position to spot a bug!

I need to do more trial and error simple cases, to learn and resolve expected versus actual results.