Production planning tool - isn't giving me a report with the right quantities


Thanks for everyone on this forum - you’ve been very helpful in getting ERP Next configured and working!

I’m trying to use the Production Planning tool. It seems to be designed with the functionality I need - an easy way to see across all orders what is needed. It seemed to work on the first BOM I wanted to build. Now, it just keeps giving me the same identical report even though my inventory for that BOM has recently changed (I ordered some parts, but ended up having to use some of the parts I had on another similar build and now I have shortfalls on some of the part I need). When I go to the “Stock Projected Quantities” report, I see exactly what I need. When I go to the Production Planning tool, it doesn’t show those shortfalls. Again - I always just get the same results (other than total planned quantity - if I change the desired quantity on the Production Planning page, I see that in the CSV report I produce.

Any thoughts? Do I need to do something to update the Production Planning tool results each time I run it?