Production Planning tool not Generating Purchase Requests

I’m having some difficulty with the Production Planning Tool. I can’t seem to get the “Create material requests” or the “Download Materials Required” to actually populate anything other than two sub-assemblies on the BOM. If I create a new BOM without the sub-assemblies, I get nothing.

I’m wondering what I’m missing in order to get this to work properly. I’m sure it’s something obvious, I just can’t seem to find it.

Is this option unchecked by any chance?

Else you may need to check the console for any errors.

I’ve tried with and without that checkbox ticked. Same results, only the sub-assembly items show.

The console shows no errors.

OK, I was finally able to solve this one after poking around in the database.

Turns out, since I had imported the items into the database, the default_material_request_type was not set on my items. Once I set the the type to be “Purchase” for the items in my BOM, the report generated fine.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

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