Production Planning tool Service industries

Hi there

I was going through the production planning tool of erpnext and I found it very good for the manufacturing users.

I want to know whether it can be use for services as well ?

Like my company is in the post production services, We receive the Images from clients and according to there instructions we edit it and revert them, as you can see there is no raw material which is coming in, we can say that the images are the raw product and after processing them with instructions it becomes a finished goods.

So if I say we can process 300 Images daily so how this tool is helpful to us, you inputs are appreciated.



Instead of using manufacturing process, you should explore projects and task.

Project dashboard has sales and purchase documents already wired.

Task can be created for each activity and assigned to projects and users with start and end date. Email alerts can be configured for overdue notifications. Timesheets for each activity can be logged for accountability.