Production Planning Tool won't "Get Sales Orders" 7.1 beta

In the 7.1 beta the PPT does not “Get Sales Orders” anymore whether you use filters or not. Also, even if you add a Sales order manually it will not “Get Items” anymore.

It has worked in 7.1 before but an update must have broken it recently.

Not sure if I should make Github issues for bugs in the beta version or not.

Just tested on 7.1 beta, worked fine for me.

Hmm, just ran bench update and still the “Get Sales Orders” and “Get Items” buttons do not work. Before I ran the update if I added a row manually the sales order field would not even give me a drop-down list, but that seems to be working properly now.

So I guess I have some issue with javascript? I tried on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge on 2 different machines all with the same results.

Any ideas?

This shows up in the Firefox console.


The items sold have a related BOM?

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Thank you, that appears to be the issue. I didn’t think the system worked that way to be honest. It’s too bad since the PPT is a great way to generate material requests from a whole sales order and some items are just purchases, no BOM required.

Spent some hours scratching my head on this, I think that it should show an error on items without BOM, or create the production order as draft and validate the bom on submit.

That sounds good, but there’s still an issue (for me anyway) with the PPT only considering top level items for a production order when they could be purchased items too. Correct me if I’m wrong.

If that limitation were removed the new PPT setup (7.1 beta) would make it possible to structure your BOM’s (or no BOM) any way you like and still generate the right material requests out of it.

You are right, but maybe it can consider “default material request type” on item master and get just “Manufacture” type. Its a valid point, if you got any ideas help me write a better suggestion here Allow production planning tool to include items without BOM and directly create a Material Request · Issue #6664 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

And yes, material requests would not be raised correctly without BOM, maybe the error message is enough to avoid confusion.

Thanks a lot for your help, and for starting a Github issue. I added my 2 cents to it, hopefully it will get looked at sometime.

One day I’ll have the skills to make these changes myself and offer pull requests. Although ERPNext might be perfect by then anyway. :slight_smile: