Production Planning Tool


I ran Production Planning Tool and found the following:

  1. Material Requirement generated for an item was different.
  2. In few material requirements an item was coming twice with different requirement
    which was also not matching with the actual requirement.
  3. For testing the above I again created a multi-level BOM with a purchase item
    mentioned at different levels. After generating the BOM, I created a Sales Order
    of that item and then ran “Production Planning Tool” now system is not
    generating any material requirement for the purchase item.

Please let me know the reason of above all and also let me know what is the calculation factor of material requirement through Production Planning Tool.


have you check your current stock for the materials?


Yes, there is no stock for the item in any warehouse.

Check the Requested and Ordered Qty too. It will not order again, if there is already a PO created.