Production Planning Tools


I have a BOM of item X as shown below

X (Main Item)
Y- (Child Part) - Purchase Item
XX - (Sub-Assembly)
Y -(Child Part of XX) - Purchase Item
XXX - (Sub-Assembly)
Y - (Child Part of XXX) - Purchase Item

Qty of Y at every level is 2
Now If I run Production Planning Tool on the basis of BOM of 2 quantity of X
System is generating Material Request where Y is mentioned twice in the material request and
quantity of is 12 and 38.

Please let me know what is the issue.

@neilLasrado can you check?

I will check this …

I was unable too replicate this … i made the following bom
xxx with raw material as y ( qty of y as 2 )
xx with raw material as y ( qty of y as 2 )
and x with raw materials as y ( qty of y as 2) , xx ,xxx

I then created a production order with planned qty 2 … material request for item y was created with qty 12.

I believe this is correct. Please check the same in the demo and let me know if the issue persists.