Production Planning with Stock Level checks of item with BOMS

Hi there,

I attempting to set up an ERPNext manufacturing module with a combination of Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order methods. Lower level items will be prefabricated and kept in stock, while higher level items will be assembled to order.

When I create a production plan for a higher level item, it will not look for the stock levels of the lower level items with BOMs in the materials planning. Only items that are to be transferred and purchased. Why is that?

I also have some issues with operations of the lower level items being pulled into higher level items. I cannot list items on a higher level BOM and remove it’s referenced BOM if it has one. The system will automatically set it back to the default or active BOM for that item.

at least till v13, the production plan does not consider the existing stock for finish goods and sub-assembly, I have created a custom app to handle this, check this file for more ideas.

this app depends on another localized APP, so it is not recommended to install this app directly, instead adapt to your own requirements by your developers as needed