Production questions

Good day all

I am setting up my own ERPNExt system which I deployed on a droplet on DIgital ocean.

ERPNext: v12.10.1 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.8.4 (version-12)

I have entered all the items and I am about to eneter all the purchase invoices / payments.

First of all … the manufacturing flow process

the process that I use for the capturing of the purchasing transactions

I have also configured the warehouses and work-stations

Now my questions

First question
I need to verify that my thinking is correct … to initiate the manufactoring of an item which
I make myself ( 3D-printing) that should end up in the stores, it is also initaited with a “Material request” but this time I do not select “Purchase” but"Manufacture". For this I need to create and “Operation”, “BOM” and "Employee .

I do not however find a setting in any of these forms to select “Update stores”. This module ( which is only a part of the drone) must end up in the “Work in progress” stores.

second question
During the manufacturing of the final product ( drone) it passes through many work-stations. For this a “Routing” is created and in the “BOM” for the drone you fill in the “Routing” for this
drone. But there is also a table in the BOM that list the workstations. Is this table automatically populated when a “Routing” is selected ?

many thanks !!!

Good evening all

Please allow me to answer my own questions. I have set up 'n clone of my ERPNext site so that I can enter test-data and in the process learn how things happen. Below is the result of this which I am sharing so that anyone else that is unsure of how things happen during a production cycle, can now get a bit of clarity.

I shall answer my second question first :
Yes, when you define the routing for the production of a particular item, you call it a name. When entering the BOM, you specify the routing by using this name and this auto-completes the table further down in the OM, that specifies the routing or sequence of work-stations used.

Now my first question which relates to how this process works:

Complete a material request : manufacturing
a Notification is generated that a work order was created
When this work order is saved, a notifiation is generated that a job card was created.

Lets look at the process now:
Remember that the “work-order” and "job card’ relates to interactive processes for which both has
a start and an end time. So they both have start/finish related buttonw on the top right corner
So when “start” is clicked on the work order ( i.e. by the factory manager ) the stock is transfered to the WIP warehouse
and then the worker actually doing the job as set out on the job card, will start his process. When he is finished, it logs
the time taken and the work-order can be completed. And every time a “start” or “finish” button is clicked, it automatically
generates material transfer requests between the various warehouses.

Hope this helps anyone else wondering how this process happens.