Production report change

The standard report is: Issue Items Against Production Order

Below is the script - is there a way of adding item projected quantities?

    ste.production_order as "Production Order:Link/Production Order:120",
    ste.posting_date as "Issue Date:Date:140",
    ste_item.item_code as "Item Code:Link/Item:120",
	ste_item.description as "Description::150",
	ste_item.transfer_qty as "Qty:Float:100",
	ste_item.stock_uom as "UOM:Link/UOM:80",
	ste_item.amount as "Amount:Currency:120",
	ste_item.serial_no as "Serial No:Link/Serial No:80",
	ste_item.s_warehouse as "Source Warehouse:Link/Warehouse:120",
	ste_item.t_warehouse as "Target Warehouse:Link/Warehouse:120",
	pro.production_item as "Finished Goods:Link/Item:120", as "Stock Entry:Link/Stock Entry:120", as "Company:Link/Company:"
	`tabStock Entry` ste, `tabStock Entry Detail` ste_item, `tabProduction Order` pro
	ifnull(ste.production_order, '') != '' and = ste_item.parent 
	and ste.production_order = and ste.docstatus = 1 
	and ste.purpose = 'Manufacture' or 'Repack'
order by ste.posting_date, ste.production_order, ste_item.item_code

You can get actual quantity and projected quantity for the item from tabBin.

thanks for the reply

Unfortunately I know nothing about script. Can you suggest how I can edit that script shown?

Can you please raise an issue in github requesting the feature. We can add the projected qty column in the standard product itself.