Production Routing for items

Hi Guys,

Is there functionality that covers production routing for manufactured items? My client has instances where a production run may use a different route depending on available resources.

I can see that operations are allocated to a BOM, but this isnt appropriate as the operations may change depending on the route of manufacture taken.


Hi Mike,

I think you could just make BOM for each process , for example if you make a bread than create a BOM for the dough , dough process to be raw bread, cuttong the bread, and for the topping and the bom to combine them… so if you need to use different route you can use different BOM as its already the smallest part of the production so i think it can cover your problem…its just you still need to create quite number of BOM but i think it is cant be avoided …



Thanks for your response.

The company performs complex manufacturing and assembly of automotive parts, and having a different BOM for each production route isnt really appropriate - the BOM is created and managed by the designers and reflects the component parts of the assembly.

Production are responsible for deciding how to manufacture the end products - ie. the route should be separate from the BOM as on one production run the company may decide to outsource a process that would normally be done in house. In this instance, the BOM or components havent changed, simply the method of production.

I’m at the analysis stage of the project so there’s no real problem but perhaps this Routing feature could be built into a future version of ERPNext as it’s pretty central to manufacturing.



i dont quite understand where is the problem…but actually in ERPNext you could just add your own apps to do you spesific needs…or you might found a developer that could do that as well…

Mike, do keep adding your suggestions to GitHub, it might not happen instantly but its always good to get use-cases when there is future designing.

Hi Rushabh,

I will do - I’m involved in ERP implementations in the UK and ERPNext is looking good!

I’m looking at it on behalf of a client at the moment, so as I come across possible additional features I’ll raise them on Github.


@Mike, thanks!

We would be happy to help you contribute if you have resources to develop too.

Dear Mr. Mehta,

we are a new potential client and we are interested in having this Routing feature developed in addition to the time clock feature for manufacturing. I noticed some of the users do advertise a job but are not getting responses from 3rd party developers.

Kindly advise us on what kind of expertise and skills required and estimated number of individuals to hire for these features to be developed. Those employees will stay to maintain our system, customize when we need to you and maintain as we go along. We are willing to contribute our development to ERPNext when it is warranted.

So please advise

Do you have specs ready? I am sure a lot of people will be interested in this feature.

Thank you for your reply,

We are preparing to document our current processes and defining our needs. We will revisit this subject another time with ERPNext, in the meantime, I wanted to put together the human requirements needed for us to become developers and what our budgetary cost would be for that.

So if anyone in your organization can help us define whether we need one, two or 3 developers and what skills are required, we would be able to do our cost analysis to hire those developers here in the USA. In this case.

Kind regards


Antoine … Have you provided document to Mr. Mehta, as one of customer asked for this report…

Infact this report will be more useful and avoid of creating multiple BOM/ Production order …

Umesh Patil

Infact this report will be more useful and avoid of creating multiple BOM/ Production order …

I dont think it is much difficult to provide report of stock with operationwise…

No, I did not

When I received no answer from anyone on this subject, I realized that ERPNext does not want anyone to become experts in the USA. So I never pursued it.



This might be your perception, but it is certainly very very far from the truth.

I am not 100% sure if people would have understood your question. Aer you planning to learn development from scratch? Plan 2-3 yrs of learning python, javascript, apache, ngnix. etc.

Hiring developers is different. Prepare your business requirement and post it here so someone will reply with a proposal for a paid development.

Would you kindly explain to me why no one asked me for clarifications back then? I was a potential client, a potential investor, a potential believer and no one showed any interest. So I beg you don’t blame it on others.