Production Schedule

Hey All,

Is there a way to have ERPNext publish a production schedule / plan after sales orders are entered. Basically I need a schedule for production, like a calendar, based on ship dates and priorities.

Please advise. Thanks.


Hi Ivan,

At the moment, I think this can be only be viewed AFTER you have created the Production Order. You can create Production Order from Sales Orders.

Manufacturing >> Production Order >> Calendar

At the moment by default, it is not printable yet.

@Ivanz If you setup Operations for your Bill of Materials. The Production Planning tool will create Timesheets (planned) for your production based on first available time slot. You can build a schedule from this.

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Thanks for your input. I’ve tried that, but can’t get it to show me end dates and “machine”. Any ideas?



Thanks for the info. Could you explain a bit more how to do this?


Hi Ivanz,

Please have a read through the manufacturing section of the ERPNext manual:

and also watch the videos provided in the “Learn” module in ERPNext. Then search the forums for any information already available.

After, if you have targeted questions about things not covered or confusing, people will be happy to help and the replies to your questions will benefit others too.