Production Setup : URL/ PDF Issues

I had previously set up an instance of erpnext and had ip settings working so that users could login from a custom URL, no issues running wkhtmltopdf and generating pdfs, no issues sending properly linked emails from erpnext.

Currently I have a stable running instance of ERPnext running on DigitalOcean Ubuntu, no problems.

Have no idea what I had done to get IP/DNS setting working properly in the past. I feel like I’m missing a critical series of commands.

If anyone could guide me on getting production properly setup, serving from a custom URL, and having wkhtmltopdf serve from a custom URL it would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need to see outputs of anything.

You need to set the correct “host_name” in your site_config.json

Resolved this through my DNS provider. Godaddy was assigning a floating IP to A records subdomains. For anyone encountering this problem make sure in your DNS A record exactly match your instances’ IP.