Production Stops working

Production was working a day before but it stops working today.
Getting an error when try to access production.

Tried to find an issue running sudo supervisorctl status

How to get production back on track?

  1. Do a bench restart and check.

2.Did you change permission of any files?

3.Hope you are not logging into server as root user - are you?

Here is what i get while running bench restart

No didn’t change permission of any files.

Not logged in as root user.

  1. Restart the server and see.

2.In the earlier post it says gunicorn is not executable.Please check the permission.

@Basawaraj_Savalagi Thanks you saved our day!:sweat_smile:

Changed gunicorn permission to executable which gets production back on track.

Thanks again for Quick Jump-in!

Just wondering How did get just changed?

Did you change it manually by mistake or did you try to do something else which triggered this?

I was trying to create new site in production env which could have been end up changing file permission. This what my assumption is all about.