Productions Orders cannot be raised for: item in Row 2

I have a sales order, I create material request then when i tried to make production order it will show “Productions Orders cannot be raised for: item in Row 2”. I have tried from production planing tool steps are

  1. get items from: material request
  2. filter product by name
  3. when i press “Get Material Request” nothing will come in material request table.

I have tried

  1. get items from: sales order
  2. add that specific sale order
  3. When i press get items - it will not get that item of row 2. Row 1 shows and i have created production order as well.

Have you created BOM for the Item in Row #2? If no, please create BOM for it and then try again.

I have created BOM already. Can you tell me what are the possible options could happen?

In my opinion

  1. If BOM not available
  2. If required date is previous date.

Surprising thing is from production planning tool if I select get from sales order and then manually add that specific sales order and click get items it can’t fetch that specific items. In my understanding fetching items here is not depends on anything.
I am using version 7. Problem occurred in my live server. I have told client to stop producing that item.

@umair Do we need to check or unchecked any option to an item to show this is actually manufactured item not purchase or raw material.