Products and services

Dear Sirs

please anyone let me know how to input the item 1 on the products and services? i tried to filled up with “products” or “service” or the brand name but it seems like it was incorrect.


What is your exact scenario ? Can you explain.


Hi @Windra,

First Check Difference:

Product - Means Goods/Material Item… It is tangible and are ready for sale to the customers. Product can be return. Product can be stored for use in future or multiple use.
Example- Laptop, Pen etc…

Service:- Services are amenities, facilities, benefits or help provided by other people. i.e is an activity of performing work for others.Services cannot be returned back once they are provided.
Services cannot be stored
Example :- ‘Broadband’ is a service.

In ERP, if you create one item/Product i.e Item ,then you can “Maintain Stock” for that
You also create “Brodband” as service item without having enable"Maintain stock ",then it become service

Dear Mohini

Dear Mohini

Good day

we have the asset management software program of which we worked with Shlocklabs to develop. It appears they have signed an exclusive contract with our competition and are no longer willing to support us with this software program. Is your company willing to discuss a partnership to develop or utilize an existing software program you may have?

If you are then please reply back with your solution and a way forward. With your reply email I am sure we can discuss further.

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