Products link page in sub category link were broken

I have many Sub category under Products all-item-groups/products/sub-cat[1,2,3,4,5]

After bench-update today, the website can display the Thumbnail image of sub-products from the Product page but when I click into the image, the link to the product like is broken.

Here’s the error “We are very sorry for this, but the page you are looking for is missing (this could be because of a typo in the address) or moved.” I didn’t change anything.

Can you post this on GitHub?

@anand is planning to work on shopping cart issues.

Try removing all-item-groups from the route.

Would you mind telling me how to?

Can you navigate to item1 by going to and eventually to

I can not access
But this one work
This one not work when I click into
item1 thumbnail on Grid display the link become

Just update ERPNEXT today and problem is solved!
Thank you so much