Products, orders and customers not syncing in Woocommerce


I am integrating Woocommerece with ERPNext v13. I followed the whole documentation. But when any sales order is created in Woocommerce it is fetched in the Erpnext however if I create a sales invoice or delivery note against it in ERPnext then also in the woo-commerce site, it’s not been updated, it is showing in “processing” state only.

So in woocommerce I created new webhooks related to orders but it’s showing errors.

Then too not working. If I create a product in ERPnext or any stock entry then also it’s not showing and vice versa. So is it possible to sync inventory, all the orders, and any updates in the status, delivery and customer update?

Please guide me on it.

Thanks in advance

Please don’t tag any user. If the community has an answer to your post then it will be answered. Thank you for understanding.

Are you using the integrated version in ERPNext?

Sorry, I did not get what u said, so please can you brief it.

There are 2 versions to connect woocommerce, the one integrated in ERPNext and the libracore connector.
Which one are you using?

The one integrated into ERPNext.

Can’t assist you with that one as I never worked on it.

I would recommend you to use the one from libracore.
I attach the Muzzy fork that I use and I have had no problem.

Than @Leo_Sarmiento we had an issue with 1 client’s ready WooCommerce site. We made a new dummy WooCommerce site today and our ERPNext easily synced item to WooCommerce. It also accepted a an order which lead to creation of customer and sales invoice.

We realised that something from WooCommerce site is an issue. ERPNext app is working perfectly fine.

Check your WooCommerce site.

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It is correct, the connector works fine, but I face a problem and kindly ask for your help, I have products with variants and I enter the IDs of both the template product and the variant but in the highlighted fields that you see in the image the values (ID woocommerce) entered do not remain fixed and disappear. Maybe you can help me so that the values entered remain fixed.

Thanks and greetings.


Hi. Never worked on variants till now. It’s always 1 unique item for us.