Produoction plan on Sales orders

Hello All
Please someone help
I am facing difficulty when creating production plan for sales order
Sales order has 35 bom, but it lists only22 Raw materials
Smilaring another sales order has 38 bom, but it lists only 22 Raw materials

Have checked BOM all are correct

Currently hosted at ERPNext

Waiting for a reply how ti fux this

Thanks Tom

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It seems like you’re creating production plans for sales orders, but the plans are only listing a subset of the raw materials required by the bill of materials (BOM). You’ve verified that the BOMs themselves are correct.

thanks for your immediate reply
Yes BOMs are correct
When I make work order from Sales orders all works perfect, but here the issue is each Finished Goods has work order, buying team has a great difficulty in consoladting one sales for purchase

Therefore tried the production plan, maybe am not doing the right steps


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Is there any condition set in backend of ERPnext to populate only codes based on the condition and is the condition

I made anothe rproduction plan for 1 FG, the raw material box population with 3 Raw material codes instead of 8 in BOM. The 3 cdoes have part purchase and part matereial transfer

If i unlick
Ignore Existing Projected Quantity
the raw material box populates with 8 RM same as BOM, but only all Purhcase option, which means I cannot issue what I have in stock

Sometime we forgot the tick the “Is Stock Item” check in the item master which causes this behaviour.