Prodution order for batch runs

Our manufacture process runs raw materials in batches (kgs) based on the bales of cotton supplied. It is therefore difficult to produce an exact amount for an order.

For example, We use 50 x 40 kg bales of cotton in a loaded weaver. An order may be received for (say) 6000 items. We can create a production order for the sales order. However, the production may stop at (say) 8000, for example at the end of the day.

This means we have 2000 more items than required. How is this managed?
(I am a noobie, so pardon my ignorance of all parts of the system - I am learning still. The docs did not assist me in my search here).


Is there a tolerance in outcome? There is a setting in Manufacturing to allow over production.

Other way-

You can try using Stock entry type Repack with or without Bill of Materials if output is uncertain.

E.g: In case of construction, raw materials like sand, cement, water and chemicals are mixed in proportion to make plastering work(finished product). But the work done may vary for the same amount of quantities.

Raw materials get consumed and certain output is reflected in target warehouse/FG on submission of stock entry and can be viewed in stock ledger.

Once the item is available in FG, you can make DO and SI against that item.


  • Custom link field to Sales order can be added.

  • Available field is Project.

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