Profit and Loss Account Analysis

Can anyone please help on this issue:I could not get the profit and loss account in the company i set up to give me profit and loss per cost centre or on project or territory.But i discovered that the profit and loss of the Demo company ( can give such performance analysis.Or is this feature still in Beta stage or i need to turn on something.Kindly help out

Please check if you are getting transactions in your trial balance report for expense and income accounts.If you see them there you should see them in P&L


Hi,i can get the overall P and L but i cannot see p and l for a project or for a territory.But in the demo company i can see the overall p and l and at the same time i can see p and l for example for a project or territory or cost centre because there is a column from which i can select them…
What do i do to get this kind of profit and loss analysis

The following link would be useful to you. Link the project to a cost center and then use it in your transactions.

Hi,what i am saying is that in the p and l of the demo company you have a column where you can select a project to get the the p and l for the project.The same is applicable for cost centre,you have a provided column dedicated to the cost centre in the opened p and l report…once you select a cost centre you have the p and l of the cost centre.In the company i created,once i open the p and l i dont have such columns for me to select cost centre or project i want to view its profitability


I also could not find out how to check cost Center wise OR Project wise profitability.

The feature has been implemented in develop branch, which will be released in v7.1.

Still cannot see how to do by territory. Also would want to do by project type. Columns in time periods rows in chosen field values.

Anyone got a solution for this
I need to calculate projects cost that I entered in the Timesheet activity