Profit and Loss Statement by Cost Centers

I just wonder we can do a report like below for profit and loss statement?

Here PC means parent cost centers
CC means Child cost centers

We have one report already in the core which give you only total income and total expenses cost center wise.

But we need detail profit and loss statement.

If we have same report project wise will be added advantage.

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Hi! Did you get this worked on?

Nop Still no one interested to do this.

On version 13 we have report called “Dimension-wise Accounts Balance Report”. I think this is similar to what you are looking forward Accounts Balance Report

Try accounting dimensions they can report profit and loss as well as balance sheet

Where Can I find this report in V13?

Direct Link:

Please replace

Option 2:
Go to Report List and Search Dimension you will find the report.

Did you find a solution?

Still no report for profit and loss statement.

This report only for balance sheet.