Profit and Loss statement daily

I need to see the profit and loss by dates not by monthly or yearly.

Any way to see that report?

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One of our client requested the same.
We will be developing a customized report for the same.

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This one only with totals. But I need same profit and loss statement daily.

Any update on this development??

How can I get it

Hi @fkardame

Did you get to do this?


Any updates on this?

Maybe this is a simple workaround based on a query report:

  /* aggregate income based on account type; alternatively, use `root_type` = 'Income' */
  (SELECT IFNULL(SUM(`tGL1`.`credit`) - SUM(`tGL1`.`debit`), 0) 
	 FROM `tabGL Entry` AS `tGL1`
	 JOIN `tabAccount` AS `tA1` ON `tGL1`.`account` = `tA1`.`name`
	   `tGL1`.`docstatus` = 1
	   AND `tA1`.`account_type` = 'Income Account'
	   AND `tGL1`.`posting_date` = `tDates`.`Date`) AS `Income`,
   /* aggregate expenses based on account type; alternatively, use `root_type` = 'Expense' */
  (SELECT IFNULL(SUM(`tGL2`.`credit`) - SUM(`tGL2`.`debit`), 0) 
	 FROM `tabGL Entry` AS `tGL2`
	 JOIN `tabAccount` AS `tA2` ON `tGL2`.`account` = `tA2`.`name`
	   `tGL2`.`docstatus` = 1
	   AND `tA2`.`account_type` = 'Expense Account'
	   AND `tGL2`.`posting_date` = `tDates`.`Date`) AS `Expense`     
/* find distinct dates */
  DISTINCT(`posting_date`) AS `Date`
FROM `tabGL Entry` AS `tGL`) AS `tDates`;

It will give you the dates with transactions and then income/expenses. I prefer the option with the root_type (it will equal the P&L), but you can also filter on account type…

Hope this helps.

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Can you give me a sample of the report you are able to generate with this query.

Mine is not looking good

Not sure what you are expecting, but mine looks like this:


Thanks @lasalesi

This is not what I was expecting

I was expecting the same Profit and Loss Statement but with the capacity to choose a start and end date


In that case you might want to look into the P&L script report; you can always make a duplicate and add filters as to your liking…


Any update on daily P& L report

No we didn’t do it as we found gross profit analysis report which is better for item wise profit understanding while p&l for daily basis didn’t really made any sense so we didn’t work on it.

I too couldn’t use it for accounting as in accounts reports are to be generated on customized date for Balance sheet, Profit Statement, Cashflow, Ledgers, etc.
I have not got answers for issues that I placed long back:

Hire someone to customize it according to your requirement.

We have customized p&l to have date range instead is period interval.

Looking at your post about the points. Those are very details requirement and it will take hours to understand those in the first place.
I don’t think you will ever find a solution until you get it customized for your use case.

Regarding bridging tally with erp. I don’t see any reason to do that as erpnext can do much more than what tally does.

Good luck.

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Yes, few requirements like date range and others are now available in New versions.
And yes, leaving tally and hired experts to do customization.
But want to add that my requirements are not only for me. It will help the whole community.

Date range in financial report is not recommended under IFRS guidelines hence it’s not present.

You can always publish your customization as publicly available erpnext app.

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But we can make P&L with all cost centers. any one has this report?