Proforma invoice

how we can ceate proforma inovice in erpnext?

You can go through to create Quotation and then Quotations can also be titled as “Proforma Invoice” or “Proposal”. You can do this by selecting a Print Heading in the Print Settings section. To create new Print Headings go to Setup > Printing > Print Heading.

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there is not document Proforma Invoice in ERPNext but another common way is to use the Sales Order and use this as a Proforma Invoice (by changing the header/title in the print format).

@vrms & @Ketan Thanks for quick reply …
I have created PROFORMA invoice from sales order Now i want create payment request for same order , So i need to collect payment step by step as mention in payment term how should i collect it ???

I have never created a payment request based on payment terms, so I’d click on the payment request and see whether is corresponds to the payment terms you have used in any way.

yes i have tried it but

please explain what is payment request type (INWARD -OUTWARD)

WHILE Creating payment request against sales order ???
If i select “INWARD” Payment request type then Payment gateway option is initiated…
if i select “OUTWARD” Payment request type then it saved without any issue.

Tell me which option should i select for while creating payment request ???
else How to skip payment gateway option???

no idea, sorry.

I’d open a separate issue for the “Payment request types” and the “Payment Gateway” option.

how you create the proforma invoice?

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