Proft & Loss Report, Cost Centre Analysis/Filtering

Having recently implemented v12.11.2 on a self hosting basis the following issue has come about from testing transactions.
Transactions provide the ability to have a cost centre, a dimension.
When selecting a cost centre for the Profit & Loss display the balance of transaction is not displaying for the entered transactions. A number of cost centres are available. No sales transaction have been entered yet, only purchases/expense.
When no cost centre is selected the profit & loss is displayed correctly in total.
We have an Admin cost centre and when that is selected all transactions are displayed for the Profit & Loss, not just for Admin. It has the same item balances as if no cost centre is selected.
There is a cost centre Repairs, and when selected it has a 0.01 balance, which does not make any sense currently. I think it has come about because of a rounding entry in purchases.
All other cost centres, other than Admin, do not have a balance displayed for P&L.
When a individual transaction, eg invoice purchase, is displayed the cost centre is showing as allocated correctly.
The General Ledger transaction display shows the correct cost centre, and a sort can be done by the cost centre, eg repairs
When the trial balance is displayed the balance sheet has the selected cost centre displayed with balances. These entries are the payment of creditor/supplier invoices primarily.
I am not sure whether this has any bearing however, all the supplier invoices have been allocated directly to an expenses account, no inventory items have been used.
The first view held is that it would appear to be a error in the P&L display function, however, I would have thought the issue would not be unique to us is if that was the case.
Some feedback as to possible areas to look at would be appreciated

To further test this another test account was established.
In this instance a transaction to a balance sheet account reported correctly in the trial balance and individual selected cost centre balance sheet report.
A transaction to a profit and loss account did not report correctly for the individual cost centre within P&L reporting.