Program Enrollment issue

We are having a scenario for program enrollment.
This is good for schools where only 1 year is the study period. But what about institutes offering short courses (Programs) and long courses (2 years or 2 and half years). Or two quarter based courses or 10 quarter courses. How we can enroll a student for 10 quarter course?
Right now to enroll PROGRAM and ACADEMIC YEAR is mandatory, but what if student have to be enrolled for 10 quarters?
We are confused in this. Please help if you have a solution for this. We are under implementation of ERPNext in our institute but we are stuck here.

We understand that Program Enrollment Tool can help us to progress students from one year to another, but what if have program based on quarters? and we want to progress from quarter to quarter only?

Three quarter program Academic year 2018-19, Stud001 and Stud002 got enrolled for for Quarter 1 Year 20018-19, then after finishing Quarter 1 we want to shift them to quarter 2 and then quarter 3 and then education is finished for them and we print transcript for them.
How we can solve this scenario using Education Module?
Please help

You can select same Academic Year but create different Program for each Quarter. This should also help you with Program Enrollment Tool.

Hi @mtajammul
You can create the academic term on the basis of your quarters which can be used for the program enrollment. Currently, there isn’t any report to print the transcript for the multiple program enrollments.

Thanks Manas, but what I see it that academic term is not mandatory for program enrollment. and for example if I select Academic Year 2017-18 and then select a Quarter 1 as term and then enroll. The next enrollment for same student for year 20017-18 and Quarter 2, is not allowed. It is saying “Student is already enrolled.”

So this means no benefit for Academic Terms?

And about transcript, is it possible to have transcript for multiple courses under a single program?

And can we achieve a report through custom reports for mutiple program enrollments or multiple academic years? (Any workaround) (I am thinking to have Academic Year as 2018-Q1, 2018-Q2, 2018-Q3, 2018-Q4)

What is the duration of your single quarter?

Each quarter is having 3 months of duration

Hi @mtajammul
I have fixed the issue. Now you can create a program enrollment with the different academic term in the same academic year.

You can use given below thread for more insight into the same.

And can we also use academic term inside Program Enrollment tool and enrolling students in next term while keeping the same academic year?

Currently, it’s not there. You can create a GitHub issue for the same and we will fix this soon.

I did bench update command to update my erpnext. And it did update some files.
But after that when I try to enroll a student who is enrolled in Quarter -1 of Year 2018-19, to enroll him for Quarter - 2 of year 2018-19, it is still not allowing me.
below is the screenshot

posted on github

Any solution for this? because its still not fixed.

hi @mtajammul
Please update and try again. It has been released today’s afternoon.