Program Enrollment to be automatic

This is a request. I was thinking ones you attach courses to a program, there is no need of doing the program enrollment. Program enrollment should be automatic where by if you attach a student to a specific program, by default the cources attached to this program will be attached to the student as well.

When the course is marked as mandatory in a program, the course should get added automatically in Enrolled Courses when you create a new program enrollment. But what is automatic here is course enrollment, not Program Enrollment as you asked.

However, I have observed that when you create Program Enrollment from the Enroll button on a Student form, enrolled course do not get populated automatically, it requires unselected/reselect the program again for the courses to come

Sometimes there are optional courses too in the program which can be selected the students that’s why we are saving the course in the program enrollment also so that we can track the courses opted by the student in every academic year/term.

We will fix this issue, It will be great if you can open a GitHub issue of the same.

cool. just tested it and it works.Thanks for the info. Can an already submitted program enrollment be deleted? or if at all one did a wrong program enrollment, how can this be corrected cause on my end i can see an already submitted enrollment cannot be deleted

Done: Mandatory courses not automatically enrolled when creating new Program Enrollment · Issue #11572 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Yes, but you first need to Cancel it. And you may also need to first cancel associated Fee if any.

Thanks. It worked

Good to see quick turnaround! Should we close this thread now?


yes kindly. Thanks alot for the support guys.